@Agar3s - Giovanni Beltran

Indie Game Developer

Hi! I'm a software engineer working on indie games, my speciality is browser based games (HTML5 - JavaScript).

Evil Glitch - JavaScript, 2016

Published on Steam, 2017

A 2d game shooter with retro aesthetics

This game was developed originally for the js13k 2016 compo, after winning the jam I continue working on the game. In May 2017 Evil Glitch was released on Steam.

This game does not use any framework or library and it only contains 13Kilobytes.
Solo development.

Deadly Rituals - GodotEngine, 2020

Adventure - Battle - Dice - hexagram - RPG?

Developed for Adventure game jam, Work in progress. Game Design, Narrative and Game Development.

The Matr13k - JavaScript, 2018

2D beat'em up

Made for js13k 2018, it uses a custom developed sprite technique to recreate the last scene of Matrix in a side beat’em up. Solo Development. Was highlighted in Github Blog that year

The Legend of The Looter and the backpack that never runs out of space - JavaScript, 2018

Roguelike dungeon loot collector

Made for the LDJam42 is a roguelike game about getting a lot of loot. Game design and development. Made in Phaser 3. The game was highlighted by Phaser newsletter. Black Mamba Team

Mocho vs Mostros - Godot Engine, 2019

2d FP Mocho Simulator

Developed for GMTK 2019 Jam is a hybrid between punch out and a beat’em up. Game Design and Development.

The Democracy Times - JavaScript, 2018

Newspaper simulator

Made for Adventure game Jam 2018, it’s a newspaper simulator. Game Design, narrative, and Development. Was highlighted as one of the finalist that year.

Vier - JavaScript, 2014/2016

Run and gun Elemental wizards battle JS13k

Made for js13k 2014, a shooter game, where the player should change their power to beat elemental monsters.

Cabrón en Transmilenio - Godot Engine, 2019

An action transmilenio simulator

A web and mobile game about getting out the bus, Winner of game challenge 2019. Was developed for one day for a game jam challenge made by the town hall to promote the use of their transportation system. Black Mamba Team

Machinaria - Python - Arduino, 2019

The real deal

A custom made arcade machine, used to take the role of tv news editor. Design and develop the hardware driver, custom python setup with pygame and game development. Was showcased at Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2019. Black Mamba Team

Machinaria - Godot Engine, 2018

The real deal

First version of Machinaria, Developed for Github game off 2018. Development and Game Design. Was highlighted by Github blog that year

Slow Ride - JavaScript, 2018

Racing game

Made for the GMTK 2018 Jam, a local multiplayer game about to be the last one to pass the goal. Design and development. Made in Phaser 3. Black Mamba Team

No Pants Wizard - Godot Engine, 2019

WarioWare like

Developed for LDJAM 45 is a combination of 3 casual games. Game Design and Development. Black Mamba Team

I bet your cats look good on the dance floor - JavaScript, 2018

Dance Floor rhythm based territory control

Made for the LDJam41, is a territory card and rhythm mechanics. Solo Development. Made in Phaser 3.

Zeqeku - Godot Engine, 2019

A Memory Adventure game puzzle

Made for Adventure Game Jam 2019. A graphic novel about a woman confined in a mysterious hospital. Game Design and Development. Black Mamba Team

Joke Time - JavaScript, 2015

Adventure Time characters telling jokes

Made for cartoon network LA jam, a game about telling jokes. Design and development. Made in Phaser 2.

Mario Phaser Timelapse - JavaScript 2015

Timelapse video

Practice creating a Super Mario Bros 2 clone with phaser 2.

Phaser 3 boilerplate - JavaScript, 2019

Boilerplate to start working with Phaser 3, Webpack 4, ES6. Development.

Boilerplate to start working with Phaser 3, Webpack 4, ES6. Development. Black Mamba Team